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“A great difference in perception between those who cross the stupid wall and those who do not.”
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Why do people who aren’t targeted by bullying avoid having an unpleasant relationship with slurping?
It looks completely different from the beginning.
The correspondence is different between those who are kind to acting narcissists and those who do not do it at all.
It is a must-see for people who are kind to themselves but cannot make close friends for some reason, such as the recent trend of “people like a thug using common sense expressions.”

The best, who didn’t deal with Mobbing at all, realized that he didn’t realize that there was a Mobbing person in the first place, and explained.
Don’t be afraid of such things!

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New released

Men are the worst and women are annoying.

Men and women cannot understand each other. Do not express the same thing in the same way and do not need the same thing. How should we change our perspective in order to accept a completely different partner? A book for accepting what you don’t understand without knowing it. 2018/12/19 Released from Amazon Kindle

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“Word illusionists-Frequently heard illusions and their explanations-“

There are illusionists who make full use of words to mislead people. Explains the illusions they often hear and their effects that they interweave in everyday conversation. The words that everyone has heard, such as “that person is terrible,” “I’ll do anything for you,” and “I’m bad anyway,” were actually illusions to mislead people!

A person who lives alone in this world

Life is determined by perspective. Why do people who have a grudge against past relationships have a grudge against others? Why do you think “I’m not bad!” Why do you lose confidence when you look good and care about your eyes? Explain the viewpoint of the unhappy person using the figure.

A letter to you that you haven’t seen yet-Stop that life-

If your life doesn’t go well, you may not know what I know. I will teach you “what you have to be careful about in your life” as a personality called the most adversity-resistant personality so that your unseen friend will not get lost on the road.

The person who is hurting you-a letter to you that you haven’t seen yet-

This time I’ll tell you about “the one who hurt you and robs you of your confidence” that you may not be aware of. When you lose confidence, no one wants to live. Don’t forget to teach me so that you don’t lose confidence.

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